Our group was awarded an International Excellence (KH) OTKA grant

The Chemical Crystallography Group was awarded an International Excellence (KH) OTKA grant: “Research team with significant achievements of internationally outstanding impact “.

Title: Supramolecular chemistry in solid state

Principal Investigator: Petra Bombicz

Nóra Veronika May
Laura Nagyné Bereczki
Roberta Palkó
Tamás Holczbauer


Supramolecular chemistry is a highly interdisciplinary field of science covering chemical, physical and biological features. The supramolecular interactions are responsible for the self-assembly of molecules in liquid and solid states. Study of non-covalent interactions is crucial in understanding of many biological processes. A crystal bears the collective properties of molecules moderated by intermolecular interactions. Exploring the secondary interactions is important to the development of new pharmaceutical therapies by understanding the interactions at a drug binding site, in protein-protein interactions and also in drug stability, encapsulation and targeted release mechanism.
Knowledge of supramolecular interactions is necessary in nanotechnology, catalysis, material sciences, polymer sciences, in understanding of transport phenomena, development of molecular sensors, molecular switches, in the chemistry at interfaces etc. The aim of the project is to contribute to the knowledge driven supramolecular architecture, and to contribute to the design and development of new materials with desired properties. The results of the project will be published in international scientific journals and will be presented on international and national conferences. An additional aspect is the involvement of students and young researchers to the project disseminating synthetic and crystallographic learning. Regarding the development of human capital and resources, the project will afford significant skills and knowledge transfer.

Project interval: 01-10-2018 – 30-09-2020