Tamás Holczbauer has received a postdoctoral (PD) OTKA grant

Title: Supramolecular interactions and polymorphy, effect of temperature and pressure


Most of the appliances we use in everyday life are made of solid state materials for example drug, dye or casual objects. The function and lifetime of these objects are important. The understanding and the manipulation of secondary interactions in solid state may provide longer lifetime, different functions, new application for the objects. For example a new polymorph of a known drug may be more advantageous for human consumption, and less drug excreted to the nature. Crystallisation is a spontaneously occurring, self-organising phenomenon. Our aim is the supervision of the arengement of the building blocks. The goal is the deeper understanding of the properties of supramolecular interactions altering with temperature and pressure. The increasing knowledge of supramolecular chemistry contributes to the development of improved materials with longer lifetime. These studies involve crystallisation and the characterisation of new solid state manulas. These observations support the research in solid state chemistry, material science, polymer chemistry, catalysis and molecular sensors etc. The results contribute to the improved understanding of biological systems and the development of new pharmaceutical therapies. The high pressure single crystal X-ray diffraction is an initiate in forefront technology on the world. It will be completed with hot stage studies for phase transition.