Our laboratory is involved in the education of chemistry students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Eötvös Loránd University. The laboratory is open for students to do laboratory practises.

Current TDK, B.Sc or M.Sc topics:

  • Supramolecular designing and structural study of bioactive compounds using X-ray diffraction. (supervisor: Sourav De)
  • Structural study of biologically relevant metal complexes in solid and solution phases (supervisor: Nóra V. May)
  • Structural study of benzimidazole derivative atropisomers (supervisor: Laura Nagyné Berecki)
  • Crystallization, structural study and polimorphic research of pharmaceuticals (supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer)
  • Structure/stability study of cocrystals and solvent inclusion compounds (supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer)
  • Structural study of combined pharmaceuticals with salicylic acid (supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer)
  • Crystallization and structural study of frustrated Lewis acid-base pairs (supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer)

Our students:

  • Fónay Csenge (MSc student, BME) – supervisor: Nóra V. May and Laura Bereczki
  • Stayer Martina (MSc student, BME) – supervisor: Nóra V. May

Our former students:

  • Farah Ben Rhoumal (BSc student, BME, 2022) – supervisor: Sourav De
  • Yosser Younsi (BSc student,BME, 2022) – supervisor: Sourav De
  • Alifah Chaniago (MSc student, ELTE, 2022) – supervisor: Sourav De
  • Rituraj Rituraj (PhD student, Óbuda University, 2022) – supervisor: Sourav De
  • Piedl Adél (M.Sc student, 2021) – supervisor: Sourav De
  • Berecz Kitti (B.Sc student, 2021) – supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer
  • Lovasi Dávid (M.Sc student, 2021) – supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer and Tibor Soós
  • Dénes Márk (M.Sc student, 2020) –  supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer and Nóra V. May
  • Avirmed Saranchimeg (B.Sc student, 2019) – supervisor: Laura Bereczki
  • Veszely Ádám (M.Sc student, 2018) – supervisor:Tamás Holczbauer
  • Medveczky Zsófia (M.Sc student, 2018) – supervisor: Nóra V. May
  • Makó Zita (M.Sc student, 2018) – supervisor: Laura Bereczki
  • Török Balázs (M.Sc student, 2017) – supervisor: Nóra V. May
  • Szabó Gergely Olivér (B.Sc student, 2017) – supervisor: Petra Bombicz, Dániel Fegyverneki
  • Zsolt Szentendrei (B.Sc, 2017) – supervisor: Nóra V. May
  • Dániel Simon (M.Sc, 2017) – supervisor: Tamás Holczbauer
  • Ádám Lovász (TDK, 2016) – supervisor: Petra Bombicz
  • Mária Rábai (M.Sc, 2014) – supervisor: Nóra V. May

Teaching activities:

  • SXRD laboratory practises for BME and ELTE chemistry students
  • theory of SXRD – lectures
  • theory and practice of EPR – lecture at BME, and PhD course at SzTE