The Research Group of Chemical Crystallography was established in 1956. It has been performing its research activity uninterrupted for more than 60 years, although its name and the name of the institute it belongs to have changed sometimes.


The Heads of the research group:

1956-1976     István Náray-Szabó

1976-2005  Alajos Kálmán (Biography)

2005-2013     Mátyás Czugler

2013-         Petra Bombicz


Former members:

Kálmán Sasvári,  Gyula Argay,  Tibor Koritsánszky (USA),  Vilmos Fülöp (UK),  László Fábián (UK),  Nikoletta Báthori (SA),  Andrea Deák

Former PhD students, postdocs in the last years:

Anna Palló, Veronika Kudar, Viola Tóth, Péter Pogány


Group 2015
Group 2015


Group seminar 2016