Petra Bombicz is appointed to be the Editor-in-Chief of Crystallography Reviews from 1st January 2018.

Crystallography Reviews publishes English language reviews on topics in crystallography and crystal growth, covering all theoretical and applied aspects of biological, chemical, industrial, mineralogical and physical crystallography. The intended readership is the crystallographic community at large, as well as scientists working in related fields of interest.        

The group received an OTKA grant

OTKA grant of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office – NKFIH Title: Basics of “crystal engineering”: supramolecular interactions, polymorphysm, temperature and pressure Principal Investigator: Petra Bombicz Participants: Tamás Holczbauer Nóra V. May Laura Nagyné Bereczki Dániel Fegyverneki Gyula Tamás Gál

The way from isostructurality to polymorphy. Where are the borders? The role of supramolecular interactions and crystal symmetries.

Petra Bombicz Crystallography Reviews, 23(2), 118-151, 2017. ABSTRACT To produce substances with required physico-chemical properties demands the recognition of structural features of materials. It includes polymorphism and isostructurality which are strongly related with intermolecular interactions and crystal symmetries. Fine tuning of structural properties can be achieved by the application of substituents or in the case of multi-component systems by the introduction of molecules of different sizes, shapes and chemical compositions. How far can a crystal structure tolerate small molecular changes? Read More …